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Test Liane Test Yet more test text 1235.0 A Show Edit
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Replace 4 windows and a door We're losing a ton of heat out these second-hand windows The windows in our house are used, from an old ice cream place. They don't have springs, and have to be held up with blocks of wood. In addition, they leak like mad, so we have to cover them in plastic all winter. 900.0 junk Show Edit
Lawn Cover Green is good for the planet and I'd like to find a simple way to cover most of my lawn with something I don't have to mow. Add beauty, with little maintenance to my yard to avoid mowing (buring fuel), add more oxygen into the air rather than carbon and add beauty to my neighborhood 500.0 Diane Show Edit
Insulate our house The energy auditor says we would save up to 25% on our heating bills if we insulate the walls and attic. We currently spend $500/MO for oil. Cutting that to $400 would be very helpful on our fixed income. The state subsidizes most of the cost of insulating, but we need help filling in the difference. 400.0 Liane Show Edit
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Project 2 Title Project 2 Blurb Longer description lorem ipsumho7i 300.0 Liane Show Edit

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